Maine Maple Syrup!
The Official Sweetener
of Maine

All About Syrup

History of Maple Syrup

Pure Maine maple syrup with a hint of the great north woods in it, has been brightening the flavor of fine, downeast food since…

How Syrup is Made

From the time the first crow flies, usually in late February, to sometime in mid April, the sparkling clear “sweetwater” flows.

Storing Maple Syrup

Pure Maine maple syrup contains no preservatives and should be refrigerated or…

Buyer’s Guide

The words “Maine Maple Syrup” may be used only for pure maple syrup that is produced in

Maple Syrup Facts

Around the time of the American Civil War, syrup makers started using large, flat sheet metal pans as they were more efficient for boiling than heavy, rounded iron kettles, because of a greater surface area for evaporation.