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The Science of Syrup

“Blow test?” How do you determine the point at which your syrup is done? How do you measure the density of your finished product? How do you determine that it’s within Maine’s required standard? The current Maine density standard for maple syrup is, I have read, a Brix value—sugar content—not less than 66° Brix, or more than 69° Brix. I suspect most producers, interested in maximizing syrup production, aim for the minimum standard of 66° Brix which, of course, requires

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Coming Events

Logistics and Layout of the Sugarbush – October 15, 2016 Please join the Upper Kennebec Valley chapter of the Small Woodland Owners Association of Maine for an informative session with maple syrup producer, State Representative, Tree Farmer and SWOAM member Russell Black at his Farm, Black Acres in Wilton on Saturday, October 15th. Russell and a representative from CDL Maine, a new distributer in Wilton will collaborate for a tour of Russell’s sugarbush and tubing layout. Russell will go into

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