Filling out your State License

Below are the steps that will help you fill out the form correctly:

  1. Use this link to get to the web page where you can find a downloadable Department of Agriculture license application form. This form can be typed into if you have Microsoft Word.
  2. The correct form is located in the section titled Applications & Forms and Food and Fuel License Application. Once you click on the link a form fillable application file will download.
  3. Check the proper request type in the top row.
  4. Fill out everything in section 1 and 2 that is applicable. If you are on a drilled well, you will need to attach a State of Maine water safety test when you submit you application.
  5. Skip section 3 unless it applies to your business (if you intend to go to craft fairs you will need a mobile vender license)
  6. Section 4 select “maple syrup processor” (if you intend to make value added products in your home (not the sugar house) you will need a “home processor” license. Select the amount of syrup that you produce.
  7. Skip section 5 unless applicable.
  8. Skip section 6 unless applicable
  9. Fill our section 7
  10. Total all sections fees and enclose license amount. Don’t forget to enclose a copy of your private water test if needed.
  11. Print, Sign and Date
Send application with fees to:

Maine Dept of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry
Division of Quality Assurance and Regulation
28 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0028


License certificates are only printed one or two times a month.  Receiving them back can be delayed.

If you require further assistance please submit a contact form request and someone from MMPA will follow up within a few days.