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Dunn Family Maple

419 Chicopee Rd
Buxton ME 04093

(207) 671-4262


Authorized dealer for Leader Evaporator

We stock all sizes of tubing with a wide variety of plastic and stainless-steel fittings for you to get the most out of your woods. We can assist you in the entire process from evaluating your woods, setting up vacuum systems, sugar house design, and boiling.

“The backyard sugar making experts”

SapSpy Monitoring Systems

We carry a full line of SapSpy monitoring systems. SapSpy can monitor vacuum levels, tank levels, temperature, and has the ability to turn equipment on and off. Systems work off a cellular network, so as long as you have cell service you can have peace of mind knowing that your woods are performing and tanks are not overflowing. All information is uploaded to a website and you are able to set automatic alerts based on your needs. Monitors have self contained batteries so power is not required.

Suga Country Products
Joe & Adele Suga
871 Cross Hill Rd.
Vassalboro, ME 04989
(207) 923-3355


Back Ridge Sugar House
Josh Knipping
107 Boston Road,
Winterport ME
(207) 944-2575

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Merrifield Farm
Lyle & Jo-Ann Merrifield

194 North Gorham Rd
Gorham, ME 04038

(207) 415-3001

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