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Hilltop Boilers LLC

159 Elm Street,
Newfield ME 04056

(207) 793-8850



Glass Bottle Distributor

Hilltop Boilers has grown in the last few years to be one of the largest retailers of Pure Maine Maple Syrup in the state of Maine. In order to meet the growing demand for maple syrup we have continued to increase the volume of glass and plastic containers that we have in stock. While all of our plastic containers are custom printed for our business many of our glass bottles come unprinted and can be labeled for any sugarhouse to use. As container shortages continue to grow over the past couple of years, we've teamed up with other sugarhouses to help each other with bulk savings and keeping necessary inventory in stock of these containers.

We currently have a growing list of bottles that we are able to supply other sugarhouses with at competitive prices. These empty glass bottles are available for pickup at our location in Newfield and are not shipped. Please email us at for a current price sheet. Retail sales only, no wholesale or resale orders please.

Dunn Family Maple

419 Chicopee Rd
Buxton ME 04093

(207) 671-4262



Authorized dealer for Leader Evaporator

We stock all sizes of tubing with a wide variety of plastic and stainless-steel fittings for you to get the most out of your woods. We can assist you in the entire process from evaluating your woods, setting up vacuum systems, sugar house design, and boiling.

“The backyard sugar making experts”

SapSpy Monitoring Systems

We carry a full line of SapSpy monitoring systems. SapSpy can monitor vacuum levels, tank levels, temperature, and has the ability to turn equipment on and off. Systems work off a cellular network, so as long as you have cell service you can have peace of mind knowing that your woods are performing and tanks are not overflowing. All information is uploaded to a website and you are able to set automatic alerts based on your needs. Monitors have self contained batteries so power is not required.

W.F. Mason

Bill Mason

90 Chapel St.
Porter, ME 04068

(207) 625-8089



Custom Stainless Steel Hobby Evaporators and Accessories

Bill Mason is a third-generation sugarmaker with twenty years of experience in stainless steel welding and fabrication. He will help save you money whether you are starting out or looking for an unusual size pan to fit your homemade arch. Great prices, service and all the free advice and help you could want. If you are in Maine just about any sugarhouse you visit will have something that Bill has built.

Over 20 Years of Manufacturing Excellence with Quality at it's Best!

  • Specializing in Tig-Welded
  • All wood-fired evaporators are tig-welded 304 stainless steel.
  • Evaporators can be picked up in Porter, Maine or shipped by truck.
  • With the growing demand for smaller equiliment, we have decided to concentrate on that market.
  • Now taking orders for the 2023 spring season - orders will be shipped out as soon as they are completed throughout the year.
Suga Country Products
Joe & Adele Suga
871 Cross Hill Rd.
Vassalboro, ME 04989
(207) 923-3355