Maine Department Of Agriculture Conservation & Forestry

Maine syrup producers are required to be licensed to sell maple syrup through the Department of Agriculture Conservation & Forestry.  The form can be found here with directions to fill it out here.

University of Maine Logo

University of Maine Extension

The University of Maine Extension has a maple expert that works closely with the association helping with grading and off flavor classes as well as technical assistance. They offer educational classes from basic hobby production to large scale production assistance.

Southern Maine Maple Sugarmakers Association

Southern Maine Maple Sugarmakers Association was founded to address the needs and interests of sugarmakers who are geographically near each other, no matter what the size of their operation, nor how experienced or inexperienced they are. We can all learn from one another!

International Maple Syrup Institute

The International Maple Syrup Institute’s (IMSI) purpose is to act on behalf of the maple industry on issues affecting the interests and the economic viability of the various sectors of the industry.  Membership is composed of North America’s maple producers, maple producer associations, maple products manufacturers, packers and exporters, equipment manufacturers and connected agro-science and technology institutions.

North American Maple Syrup Council

The North American Maple Syrup Council, Inc. (NAMSC) is an international network of associations representing 15 commercial maple producing provinces and states within North America.  A non-profit organization established in 1959, brings together industry leaders and affiliated groups to share common interests, experience and knowledge for the advancement and improvement of the maple syrup industry.  The North American Maple Syrup Council promotes industry education and supports maple research through the NAMSC Research Fund.

University of Vermont Proctor Maple Research Center

Our applied research has produced new techniques for sap collection and evaporation and for improving syrup quality, while basic research has shed light on the physiology and health of sugar maple trees and the chemistry of sap and syrup. We also serve as a field classroom for students, scientists in many disciplines, and maple syrup producers, offering presentations and tours. Learn more about our research and facilities.  We have two major stands of sugarwoods and a modern sugarhouse that support our demo sugaring operation. Each year, we put out about 5,000 taps to produce about 3,000 gallons of maple syrup.

Cornell University Maple Program

Pure maple syrup is a traditional natural product unique to North America. The Cornell Sugar Maple Program exists to improve the production and use of maple products by working with producers, consumers, and others interested in this fascinating local product. This website supports that goal by providing:

  • Maple syrup production information for the general public, syrup producers of all skill levels and educators
  • Information on maple activities including workshops and conferences
  • Information on extension and research projects