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Can Maple Syrup Reduce Inflamation?

Scientists from around the world share the results of their research that expands the science of maple’s potential impact on several areas affected by chronic inflammation.

Nutrition & The 9 Health Benefits of Maple Syrup

Pure Maple Syrup contains several benefits, including 24 natural antioxidants that can reduce the damage of free radicals causing inflammation and reduce various chronic disease.

Traditional Recipes

A collection of recipes using maple syrup for a baking, cooking, and fun treats.

Recipes from a “Modern Pioneer”

Maple Apple Sauce One cup Maine maple sugar or syrup, with half a cup of water, should be brought to a rolling boil in a deep pan. Then fill pan with unpeeled sections of apples. Stir up until all pieces are coated with syrup. Cook only long enough to tenderize apples. The slices remain unbroken […]

Maine Maple Beyond Pancakes

A Collection of 179 Favored Maple Recipes from Maine Cooks and Chefs Written and Compiled by Elizabeth G. Hodgkins

The Science of Syrup

How do you determine the point at which your syrup is done? How do you measure the density of your finished product? How do you determine that it’s within Maine’s required standard?

Storing Maple Syrup

Pure Maine maple syrup contains no preservatives and should be refrigerated or kept in a cool dry place after the seal is broken.

How Maple Syrup is Made

From the time the first crow flies, usually in late February, to sometime in mid April, the sparkling clear “sweetwater” flows.

History of Maple Syrup

Pure Maine maple syrup with a hint of the great north woods in it, has been brightening the flavor of fine, downeast food since long before the colonists arrived.